Infinite Presence will custom design a web presence to fit your brand and budget. Browse through our portfolio to see examples.

The Process is Centered Around the Client
Our web design process is designed to give the client maximum input and control over the end product. The client sets the timeline, and is consulted throughout development to sign off as the various design elements are completed.

Each Piece is Unique
IP does not design from templates or use "stock" designs. Each site is approached as a unique design problem, the solution to which is a fusion of image and function.

IP's clients benefit from our years of experience in web design and administration. There are as many details to attend to "under the hood" as there are on the publicly visible web pages:

  • Our consultants will walk you through the setup of your new personalized email accounts
  • Graphics are optimized for fastest transmission, ensuring mimimal waiting for visitors to your site
  • Websites coded properly to ensure consistent access across different end-user platforms (IE, Netscape, AOL, PC, Mac, etc..)
  • Steps are taken to ensure high placement in search engine results
  • Stats are collected and summarized for you on a monthly basis. We will also assist you in interpreting the data
  • Domains are properly and securely registered
  • Your site is secure and protected from downtime due to hacking or network failure

Contact us to begin creating your limitless web presence, or to request further examples of our design capability.

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